Toni March 2016

Many of the gypsies have returned to Romania in the last two months, therefore our ministry increased. Besides visiting families in their homes, we organized several evangelistic events with brother Alex who, is a mentor and a great helper from God. He has a big heart for the gypsies in Oltenia, the south of Romania.

We decided to organize for evening meetings focused on evangelism. Those events needed to be well prepared so my visits to the families increased, and we also spent time in the market to invite people in the church. I also went to the barber shop and invited the men to come the evangelistic events.

Also part of the preparation was to take care of the different details regarding the content of the meetings. Gypsies love music and are very musical so we had several brothers who did a very good job of leading us into worship. Each night brother Alex talked about repentance and several people came to me to tell me how the lord spoke to them.

As a result of these meeting i have already started disciple several people who will get baptized. On the other hand i want to share with you a prayer request. This is a huge sadness for me and our church: three families from our church and one brother left to go to work in France and Germany These were families who worked hard for the Lord so their leaving is a huge loss for us. Please pray that God would take care of the ministry here and send more workers willing to serve Him.

We also want to praise God for how he took care a very poor family in this area. This family has a lot of children and eventually managed to buy a cow so that their children would have milk. A few days later this cow was attacked by other cows so this family had to have this cow killed. This was very hard because it created serious financial problems. By God’s grace, a few brothers and sisters in Christ, and us, we managed to buy another cow for them. I cannot describe the joy and the tears those people had when they saw the new cow brought to them. Our God is generous and it is a great joy to be used by Him for His Kingdom.

Thank you for blessing us!

Pastor Tony