Toni Feb 2016

Toni Monthly Update February 2016

After a brief vacation I had to take care of a few things at the building of our church. I had to fix the heating stove, change the chimney, and make sure that the little building is safe from fire. But the most important ministry after my return is addressing the spiritual need of the people in our church and in our village.

Many of the Roma spend time in France and other countries in western Europe and then return home spiritually weak. Together with another friend who has the gift of evangelism we have been visiting many of the Roma families praying with and for them and inviting them to come to our church’s fellowship.

We also organized three days of evangelistic meetings with wonderful singers leading us into worship. There was power in the preaching of the Word, tears of repentance of the believers who needed freshness in their walk with God and six people came to Christ. I am grateful that God is still at work in our area, and that He is having mercy over us. I am also very grateful for the support of my family who are involved with me in ministry, and for friends who offer their help all the time.

Grace and blessings,