Titus March 2016

Dear brother and sisters,

On the 8th of March is the international women’s day. It is such a special celebration! Unfortunately many women today what to take the place of the men and struggle with lack of significance because of these. I praise God that He helped me take on this wonderful role of being a wife who is joyfully learning submission, receiving protection and of being a mother as a partner in creation and tank of unconditional love.

These last month we witnessed God’s faithfulness. He has loved us so perfectly in many situations. The children and I had been Titus’ supporters who was involved in the following:

  • messages during the Vox Domini church gatherings from the book of joy – Philippians
  • freedom in Christ course with pastors from our region
  • participating in the program Advanced Theological Studies
  • consultancy and mentoring in the Baptist church in Draganest Olt with a team from Big-Impact.

While we were at home we organized two Sunday school meetings for the children of the non-believing families in our neighborhood. We would love to see Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Please join us in prayer for: creativity in inspiration from the Spirit in how we conduct our relationship with our neighbors in order to share Christ, a vision and boldness for evangelism in amongst the university students in Arad, good health for us four.

Be blessed dear brothers in Christ! Please let us now how you are and how we can pray for you.

Pastor Titus