Florin March 2016

That afternoon when he visited us, I did not expect to hear new thing about anyone in their family. After barely entering our house the boy could not contain himself: I want to make an announcement: “I decided to follow Jesus and I want to get baptized”.

For almost eight years this boy has been participating in summer camps, as well as in our weekly meetings in our house, called the Good News Group. We had been walking with him through all of his questions, desires not to obey anyone anymore, we talked with his parents and prayed. And prayed again. Because we believe that God answers prayers, and He did!

The change that Jesus brings into someone likes cannot remain unnoticed. After this boy decided to follow Jesus, one of his cousins decided to give his life to God. What a precious lesson: our decisions and a changed life by God can have an eternal impact on others. The joy of salvation changes our attitude and behavior. He keeps inviting his classmates and teachers to church. He is not shy of God. “They need to know about Jesus” – this is his motivation. We are joining the heavens and his parents in celebration of his salvation. As we are praying for the salvation of his sister our faith has been strengthen. We believe that God answers prayers.

Thank you for all of your support! May God bless you.

With thanksgiving

Pastor Florin Crisan