Florin Feb 2016

Florin Monthly Update February 2016

We are celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, every year. Both young and old are rejoicing for this good news! We are waiting for presents, we are going caroling, and we have fellowship in our families and churches during this time of celebration. Each of us wants something. Some are waiting for wishes to come true, others for needs to be satisfied.

We recently passed by a tuberculosis sanatorium in our area. We entered and we asked the manager if there was something that we could do to help the patients with. Their needs were numerous, but there are only a few people who ever wonder about their situation.

God is ready to fulfill those needs through us, and we, as His children, must pay attention at the opportunities that He is bringing our way. So, we prepared some things, things we, ourselves, got from others, like wheelchairs, tripods, chairs, walking sticks, etc. and we headed their way.

Although a few years ago that place used to be an important hospital for our area, nowadays it is almost a forgotten place by the authorities. Our medical system and hospitals depend on the funds coming from the state, so, maintenance and salaries of staff are often horrible because of the corruption and bad management at high levels. The hospital manager told us that they are in desperate need of medical equipment. Most of the patients are not even able to walk around for minimum activity. They are also severely understaffed.

We entered the sanatorium yard and while we were unloading the equipment, one of the patients came, sat into a wheelchair and used it on the corridor. Although he did not say anything to us, his face was radiating with joy that he could move around effortlessly, without the help of a staff, who was already too tired. We cannot express what our hearts felt to see him joy!

The month of gift giving and receiving is here! God gave us His greatest Gift in Jesus! May He lay on our hearts where and how we can love sacrificially, like our Lord!

Grace and blessings,