Alex March 2016

As this winter is having it’s final battle the warmth of the sun we are reminded of bigger promises for a spring that will never end.

This spring most of my time is invested in caring for the teenagers of our church. Discipling the new generation is a priority for us as a church, this is why we do it with all of our passion. When I was a young teenager God blessed me with people ready to invest in me and help me develop may relationship with Christ. Because I directly benefited from being discipled, I wholeheartedly accepted to take over this responsibility in our church.

As we are studying about our relationship with God, we are learning how He is transforming our thinking, behavior and values. We’ve studied about our identity in Christ and what it means to be in the world but not of the world. The message of the world for these teenagers is so different from what the Bible is teaching us. The pressures around them and us are high and we need God’s help in order to be victorious. We’ve had moments of repentance, we asked to be victorious over temptation, we are learning to focus on God. Please pray for this ministry for the teenagers, may they follow God for the rest of their lives and may they become disciples of others.

Thank you for blessing us!

In Christ,

Alex Crisan