Alex Feb 2016

Alex Monthly Update February 2016

God creates new opportunities to be a blessing for those around us each and every day. As His children, we are called to impact this world with His presence, kindness and goodness. His Good News is what people need to hear and experience from us!

God has brought into my life a young family of similar age a few years. They are people of faith who want to serve our Lord. I rejoiced in fellowshipping with them and in providing some guidance for them. There are only a few people young people who are still living in our area. Most of them live for the big cities or for another country, in search of a better life. This is why we keep close to those young ones who still live in the area.

God blessed this young family with a little girl, but thing are not always easy for a family. They had to face some trials. Instead of receiving support and help from the church, they were disappointed by the attitude of the brothers and sisters in Christ. The husband does not want to go to church anymore. A good understanding of God’s Truth can bring freedom to the complicated and complex matters of the heart. This is the process I am in whit them right now.

Little by little we are getting to the root of the problem, the cause of their disappointment, their need to both repent and forgive. Please pray for this relationship, may God bring freedom and healing.

Blessings In Christ,

Alex Crisan

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