Alex August 2015

The Month of Camps

            Camps are events that have a huge impact in the life of the participants. This is what we desire and pray for in the lives of the children or teenagers who come to experience the presence of God.

            I was part of two camps this month – one for children and one for teenagers. The children’s camp was organized by my family and the team of volunteers who have been blessing so many children for years. We are amazed at how God is working in the lives of both the children, as well as the volunteers! They are growing in maturity and wisdom year after year!

             The second camp was an unforgetful experience! Close to a mountain top, the camp facility was filled with 120 people, ready for action, ready to meet God at a high altitude. We enjoyed the good weather, so perfect for our activities, but we were also cooled off by God through little rain. It was amazing!

            I was honored to serve God at camp alongside a team of Americans, who were ready to encourage and energize anyone to participate in the activities, whether they were spiritual or fun ones. I had translated numerous times from English into Romanians, but this year it was more difficult for me to do so. The reason was that God was speaking to me so deeply, so personally. God met each one of us during this week!

            A part of the teenagers from Hope Church in Moneasa joined me at camp. Most of them were part of my team. We had amazing discussion about life, future, God, and we rejoiced when they each made signidificant decision for their walk with Christ. Powerful!

In August 10-14, by Gods grace we are going to have a VBS in Moneasa, please pray that God works at the hearts of the little ones through us. May they know and expreince God’s love for them and accept Jesus’ life and forgiveness.

            Thank you so much for your support!

In Christ,

                                    Alex Crișan